Information Letters

Bülach, 31st october 2003

Dear friends of Paul Juon!

Many persons believe in special meanings of 'round' numbers. In this respect the present Information Letter should be a 'jubilee edition' indeed – being the number 10! But I am sor-ry, it comes along as usual. All our efforts are concentrated on the preparation of our next General Assembly in Lausanne (oct. 2nd 2004). And I am sure that you will understand.

With my best regards


Preparation of the 'Journée Paul Juon', Lausanne 2004

As you might remember from our last information letter, the IJG is trying to move closer to the french part of Switzerland since Paul Juon lived his last years in Vevey. And in the 'Bibliothèque Cantonale et Universitaire' of Lausanne are alm-ost all the musical scores – in original or in copies – of Ju-on’s work as well as other significant material, documents, letters etc regarding Paul Juon. Therefore we have chosen Lau-sanne for this event.

It will take place on saturday, october 2nd 2004 at the Conser-vatory of Music in Lausanne (close to the railway station). Please reserve already now this important day!

Of course you will receive an invitation for this major event in due time.



10.30 – 11.45     Opening concert
Chamber music for various instruments
(Students of the conservatory)
    Lunch break
13.45 – 14.15   General Assembly of the IJG
14.30 – 15.15   Conference of Prof. Deléglise
(professor of history of music at the Lausanne Conserva-tory)
15.30 – 17.30   Final Concert
Trio Nr. 1 a minor, op. 17
       European Fine Arts Trio
Sonate for flute and piano, op. 78
       Livia Bergamin, flute
       N.N., piano
Excerpts from 'Tanzrhythmen', for piano for four hands, op. 18 and 24
       Hélène Calef and François Bou, pianos
Sonata nr. 3 for violin and piano b minor op. 86
       Sibylle Tschopp, violin
       Isabel Tschopp, piano
Litaniae for Trio, op. 70
       Altenberg Trio, Wien

As you can see our aim was to compose a program which shows the whole variety and colours of Juon’s work. The afternoon concert will probably be broadcasted by the Radio Suisse Ro-mande Espace 2.

The University of Arts of Berlin will also prepare a major contribution to this day (Berlin was for many years the focus of Paul Juon’s life).

And we are still confident to edit in time, in one way or a-nother, a supplement volume to Thomas Badrutts 'Paul Juon – Life and Work'.

At present we are concentrating upon the not easy task to find sponsors for 'Lausanne 2004'. Besides that we are also star-ting to prepare the whole marketing and logistic side.


Concerts, CDs, Homepage

Within the next weeks our homepage www. will get a complete facelifting and be brought to an up-to-date-standard. But already now you can see there that in the meantime several new CDs have appeared on the market or are in preparation.
We would especially like to point out the release of the Triple Concert op. 45 and the 'Mysterien' op. 59 starring the European Fine Arts Trio, released by Musiques Suisses MGB CD 6202; it is one of the very rare recordings of Juon orchestral music.

Juon-Concert in Berlin

The first event of the announced series of concerts and confe-rences of the 'University of Arts' took place with great suc-cess on June 14th of this year, with the European Fine Arts Trio and the speaker Prof. Dr. Cadenbach. We suppported this event (which is also related to studies of the university) with CHF 1'500.--. A next concert is already planned, and of course you will be informed.

Annual Fee 2003

I was very happy that even in the difficult times of today ma-ny members have followed my suggestion to pay their annual fee as soon as possible. So that by the end of may 45 of 61 mem-bers have made their payment. The cashier-in-charge is than-king you!
As for the others I will add a – very discreet – reminder. Our activities and exi-stence depend, as you know, fully upon your payments.

Of course during the year I often start thinking about the sense which our commitment and work for our society might make. But when answer questions and requests from all over the world, receive information about new CD releases, even receive a spontaneous new membership (...!!!), I strongly believe that the idea of the founder of the IJG, Thomas Badrutt, which is to contribute to a major Juon-renaissance in the world musical life starts to get roots.
For this reason we continuously try to strengthen our network. Part of this effort is the english translation of our informa-tion letter which Reto Willy is taking care of. And the IJG has become a member of 'Pro Raetia', the major 'non government organisation' which represents cultural aspects of the canton of Graubuenden.

But the major network remain you, our members and friends; allow me therefore to repeat myself from the last letter: Please help to convince your friends, musical colleagues, relatives etc. etc. to become members, too! Just imagine – when each of you succeeds in bringing in just 3 new persons – then we arrive at a number of 250 members!!
And, be sure: We do need to increase the number of our members in order to be able to continue supporting Juon-events. We are convinced, just as you are, that Juon deserves it – and at present, he still needs a little bit of support...!!!

(Now, when I am reading these last lines – does it not sound nevertheless, just a little bit, like a jubilee edition text? – Anyway. THANK YOU!)