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Bülach, february 25th, 2004

Dear friends of Paul Juon

Since the preparation of the 'Juon-Day' in Lausanne (oct. 2nd 2004) takes away a great deal of our time you will receive this year only two information letters. The first is the one you are holding in your hands right now – the next will already be the official invitation for Lausanne. I am sure that this day (Oct 2nd is a Saturday) is already marked red in your agenda. We are looking forward to meeting as many of you in Lausanne as possible!

Nevertheless there are also other themes on which I would like to inform you and which will interest you as I am sure (but - alas - one of those themes is the every-year-again-theme of the annual fees… But they alone make possible our activities promoting 'our' Paul Juon more and more).

With my very best wishes for a wonderful spring time


Actual state of the preparations for the Paul Juon-Day
Lausanne, Conservatoire, Oct. 2nd 2004

The program is confirmed as follows:

10.30.-11.45 hrs    

Opening concert, various Juon chamber music,
performed by the students of the Lausanne Conservatory
(open to the public)

13.45-14.15 hrs   General Assembly of International Juon Society
(members only)
14.30-15.15 hrs   Conference of Prof. Deléglise
professor of history of music at the Lausanne Conservatory
(open to the public)
15.30 – 17.30 hrs   Final concert
Trio in a minor op. 17
       European Fine Arts Trio
Sonata for flute and piano op. 78
       Livia Bergamin, flute
       Claus-Christian Schuster, piano
Selection of “Tanzrhythmen” op. 18 and op. 24
       Hélène Calef and François Bou, piano 4 hands
Sonata for violin and piano, b minor, op. 86
       Sibylle Tschopp, violin
       Isabel Tschopp, piano
Litaniae for trio op. 70
       Altenberg Trio, Wien

As you can see, all the names of the musicians that we asked to participate in this concert are now confirmed. Radio Suisse Romande/Espace 2 will record this concert and broadcast it later this year.

Publicity work has already started. For example an article will appear in the information sheet of Pro Raetia which is important for the Canton of Grisons, and these papers will be added to the magazine 'Terra Grischuna' which is spreaded throughout the 'Grison-Community' of whole of Switzerland.

But please help us to promote these concerts. We need a full audience - we can offer concerts of world-class level and a representative overview of the whole of Juon’s chamber music work.

The financial side (we have a budget of CHF 13’000.--) is rather difficult. Due to the hard economic times most of the local, national and international companies we asked are not willing to participate, as well as many of the foundations we asked. But fortunately not all of them, and we are holding a deficit guarantee of CHF 3’000.-- by Pro Helvetia for which we are very grateful. At least we can now guarantee that the event will take place.


Memory board for Paul Juon in Vevey

On Feb. 4th 2004 I went to Vevey upon an invitation from “Vibiscum”, an or-ganziation that is involved in cultural events of this city.

In 1928 Paul Juon built a house in Vevey since this place was the birthplace of his second wife. He and his family lived there from 1934 until his death in 1940. The nice little villa at Av. Louis Levade 2, close to the church of St. Martin, is still in its original state.

During discussions between André Nicolet and Thomas Badrutt the idea was born to put a memory plaquette at Juon’s house. Mr. Nicolet pushed forward this project that is almost a tradition in Vevey thanks to the many celebrities that inhabited this place. There are quite a few of those plaquettes to be found throughout the village, and Juon’s plaquette is number 29!

On the mentioned day we were holding a little ceremony (see photo of the plaquette). It has to be mentioned that Mr. Nicolet took over all the costs of this project, in memory to his friend Thomas.

Following the ceremony Mr. Jacques Lasserre was holding a conference on 'Paul Juon, compositeur suisse'. It was an excellent speech and full of precise and interesting information; for instance an explanation why the time between 1940 and 1990 was a sort of a 'Juon-pause' and why the times for a successful renaissance for this composer are now much more promising.


(Almost) new homepage - information about forthcoming concerts

Have a look, once more, at our website: You will be surprised. We not only brought up to date all the dates, but also changed the appearance. The guiding through the chapters is now much easier and simplified. But most of all we had to respect the different languages of our friends, and made possible a clear selection between German, English and French. Our work is becoming more and more international, and therefore it is necessary to help the interested visitors by a direct access to Juon in their own language.

Technically speaking the procedure was the following: I went to Vienna and discussed the project with our Webmaster, Peter Andritsch (he is also musician). Then I drew my vision of the site (whereas Mr. Andritsch in many cases convinced me to find a better solution…). The rest of it happened in his secret kitchen, much of it apparently with the help of “language pointers”. But do not ask me about it. Peter-be-thanks there are patient, competent specialists…

And since you are about looking around: please make sure that Paul Juon appears again on as many concert programs as possible. – For example in autumn 2004 the Tonhalle Gesellschaft in Zurich will perform Juon music in two chamber music matinées.



'Thanks' to a huge Computer crash my complete bookkeeping went lost on Sept. 30 2003. However I could reconstruct it thanks to the original single receipts etc. – In the meantime it has been proofed and accepted by the auditor.


Member Fee 2004

Enclosed you find the deposit slip for the payment of the member fee 2004 including the paying confirmation.
Thank you for your payment until end of March 2004.

As a glorious example I can tell you about an aged member in Germany, from which, by the beginning of every year, I receive the payment without previous solicitation…

Please use if ever possible the bulletin of payment because cash-payments at the counter cause additional fees to our society. Also from abroad please use payments by the post, because bank payments cause astronomic fees.

Address of contact:
Swisspost, Postfinance
CH-3030 Bern

In favour of Post Check-account 90-118805-6
Internationale Juon-Gesellschaft

Thank you very much for your comprehension.

Juon-concert in Berlin

On June 27 2004 the second of a series of concerts with Juon works will be held in Berlin. Compositions are the Trio-Caprice op. 39 and the Sextett op. 22; performed by the European Fine Arts Trio and Professors of the University..


And finally: our everlasting subject – please help to find new members and Juon Friends!

We see that a reasonable support of concerts and Juon events is necessary, mostly in these times, to bring forward the Juon renaissance. But this is only possible by new members! So please tell your grandchildren, your grandparents, your friends – just imagine if every one of you can convince only three persons to join us, that makes 250 new members! Thank you very much!

New phone numbers for contacts with our society

Please note that from March 1st there will be new regional call prefixes in the Zurich area. (The phone numbers themselves remain unchanged). The new numbers are::

From within Switzerland:   Phone: 044 860 88 25   (instead of 01 860 88 25)
  Fax: 044 862 50 82   (instead of 01 862 50 82)
From outside the country: Phone: ++41 44 860 88 25   (instead of ++41 1 860 88 25)
  Fax ++41 44 862 50 82   (instead of ++41 1 862 50 82)


Translation: Reto Willy

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