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Bülach, March 2005

Dear friends of Paul Juon

As announced, this is the first of two issues of our Juon-news. – We are involved in an exhibition project featuring Juon; you will be informed, when it is more concrete. I thank you already now for your support with your annual fee which makes projects like this one possible.

May I bring your attention also to my ideas about communication ways within our society and start yourself by answering to the questions as below. Many thanks for that.

And now happy reading and many happy hours with the music of Paul Juon!

With kind regards


Paul Juon in Concert and on CD

Members of Zurich’s famous Tonhalle Orchestra have performed in two concerts (october 2004 and january 2005) chamber music by Juon. Introducing these concerts there was held an introduction, completed by a small thematic exposition. For this exposition the IJG has contributed some material, and during the introduction to the second of these concerts I was offerd the occasion to introduce and present our society to the public.
The concerts were on an exceptionally high musical level which was recognized by the critics. And gently, the concert report in Zurich’s leading newspaper, the “Neue Zürcher Zeitung”, mentioned the role and importance of our society as well with exceptionally kind words.

As a result of these concerts a CD is planned, featuring the op. 27, op. 33 and op. 89.

Once more: Lausanne 2004

In our last information I presented the final reporting of this celebration day. “Lausanne 2004” is a central part of it and its budget of over CHF 13’000.-- was finalized and entirely covered as planned. The contribution of our society to this event therefore had not to be exceeded and was held within the planned amount of CHF 2’500.--.
As for the whole annual accounting and balance I allow to refer to the german version, there you will find the complete accounting informations. It has been proved and accepted by the external audit.
The total society’s funds are as high as CHF 13’178.30 by 31.2.2004, which is a decrease of CHF 2’131.15 compared to the year before, a decrease which has been calculated from the beginning and caused by the Lausanne event which was a unique thing.

Two questions – or better – requests to our members

Most of you might work by now with e-mail. If this is your case please indicate your e-mail-address to me:, and to inform me if I may forward the future information bulletins by mail to you or if you continue to prefer the mailing, as in the past, by post. – Of course, should you wish to use e-mail, you can be assured that your e-mail-addresses will be kept within strict confidence and not be given to any third persons.

In order to bring forward our future planning I ask you for a short statement regarding the next general assembly which will have to take place in 2006, but which will consist only of statuary contents and not a big “event” as last year, if it will be allright for you if this assembly will be “held” in a written form, giving you the informations by mail or post, instead of helding a real, “physical” assembly.

Membership contribution 2005

First of all I can report happy news: I received all the contributions of last year within due time. This is a great relief for me, so I do not have to “run after” some few lost “sheep” (sorry) which are a bit more hesitating with their payment. But you have realized that every one of your contributions helps us to invest in as much projects as possible. Therefore a big Thank You!

Of course I hope that the same thing will be happening again this year, of which I am quite sure.
Enclosed you find, as usual by this time of the year, the “bulletin de versement/bulletin of payment”. In order to simplify the procedure it is containing already the confirmation that the payment (will) have been made. I hope this will not upset the lawyers and jurists among you. But it saves me a lot of work by sending around confirmations. Thank you for your understanding and for following it’s invitation for a fast payment – but I do not want to be too much insisting…

Oh, regarding payments: Please kindly use, if ever possible, our own bulletin de versement”. Otherwise unnecessary fees are caused to our cash-box.
And even if you make payments from abroad please make payments BY POST*). Payments by bank cause frightening high fees in this case.

*) Address of contact:

CH-3030 Bern

zug. Postcheck-Konto 90-118805-6
Int. Juon Gesellschaft

Well, that’s it for today. As usual I invite you to tell your friends and to make some nice presents of Juon-CD’s to them. It will make them enthousiastic about this music and they will love to join our society! And it will make you happy, too, to see them happy. Just try!

Translation: Reto Willy

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