Bülach, October 1st 2005

Dear Friends of Paul Juon

I hope that you have passed a fine summertime! And again it is time to inform you about the latest issues about Paul Juon and our activities.

My invitation in our last edition regarding an electronic mailing of our 'Juon-Newsletter' – and maybe to hold the next general assembly in an exclusively written form – has found a positive echo. Therefore I repeat the invitation: if you are a current computer user, please forward me your e-mail-address so that I can send you from now onwards you the Juon-Information by e-mail – which is much easier for me and saves time and money.

With kindest regards


Bergell Exposition

The Institute of Cultural Research of the Canton of Graubünden, home-canton of Paul Juon, has created an exposition under the title of 'People from Graubünden in the Russian Empire' which this summer was shown in the Bergell Valley (in the castle of 'Castelmur'. The manager of this institute, Dr. Georg Jaeger, tried even to realize, together with our society, a combined cultural form with exposition, a concert and a conference, which however could not be realized at this time. But maybe he and we will succeed to realize it on the occasion of its station in Chur in Autumn 2006.
And, besides, there is a book which has appeared recently on the market about 'People from Graubünden in the Russian Empire' (by Roman Bühler; Desertina Verlag) and which I bought for our archives.

As announced an exposition focussing Paul Juon which is created by Juon-Specialist Walter Labhart will be realized in Chur and afterwards be shown in various other places - again in cooperation with Dr. Jaeger and our society. It will also mention in an commemorative way the founder of our society, Thomas Badrutt.

'Psyche' at the City Theatre in Chur
The stage director Mr. Manfred Ferrari has informed me that in spring 2006 Juon's ballet music 'Psyche', op. 23, will be performed at the city theatre in Chur. It is a musical-theatrical project under the title 'The Soul weighs 21 grams'. – Musical director will be the young composer David Sontòn Caflisch from Chur. This is one of the very rare occasions to hear and see this work!

Concerts, CDs, Musical editions
The Berlin Philharmonic Piano Quartet will record the Quartet op. 50 in october 2005. A public performance will be given on october 1st 2005 in the castle of Achberg near Lindau (Lake of Constance/Bodensee, Germany).

The Sarastro Quartet (Winterthur) intends to record two string quartets.

A recording of the Flute sonata op. 78 is being prepared. Information will follow.

The editor 'Zimmermann', successor of the Lienau Verlag, has remembered that his company had edited, while Juon was alive, many of Juon's works, and is planning, after years and years of neglection, a re-edition of the miniatures for piano op. 18 and has asked us for musicological support.

… and furthermore

…the usual daily business: Requests from all over the world, sending documents and information and answering questions etc…

Souvenirs of the Juon Family in Vevey

On the occasion of a matinee concert at the Tonhalle in Zurich (where I was presenting our society) an aged yet very vital and alert woman came to me and turned out to be a friend of Juon's daughter Irsa and therefore was often in Juon’s house in Vevey. This summer I visited this woman, Mrs. Juliette Hug, at her home and she was able to give quite a lot of information about daily life in Juon's home. An extensive comment of this conversation can be found in the german edition of this new-letter.

Membership fee 2005

This year our members were quite quick in making their payments, and I thank you for this effort! The very few who forgot about I will contact directly with my usual reminder. On this occasion I also invite you to remember that we depend on our members (that is on you), but also on new contacts – and therefore make your friends listening Juon's music and tell them to join us! We will be happy to be able, with a growing amount of membership fees, to support more projects and concerts.

Thank you for your support and continuous interest!

Translation: Reto Willy

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