Information Letters

Bachenbülach, Bülach, 8. September 2002

Dear Juon Supporters

Our nr. 8 of the 'Mitteilungsblatt der Internationalen Juon-Gesellschaft' is the first one to appear also in a – slightly shortened – english version in order to provide an even better service to our non-german-speaking members. From the start we apologize if not every wording or phrase turned out to be as 'oxfordian' as it was ment to be...

We have good news to announce. Paul Juon is entering again the big con-cert halls of our continent. On Sept. 6th 2002 the Symphonisches Orchester Zu-rich performed in the Tonhalle Zurich Juon’s Triple Concert for Piano Trio and Orchestra with big success, performed by the European Fine Arts Trio – fervent defenders of 'our' composer – and conducted by Jose Ferreira-Lobo. Our So-ciety was in the foyer on that evening, offering additional informations and flyers to the audience. And on feb 5th 2003 Juon will enter the famous Philhar-monie in Berlin when the Philharmonic Piano Quartet Berlin will perform Juon’s Rhapsody op. 37 for piano quartet.

And then we have the invitation for our general assembly which has to take place every 2 years.


General assembly 2002 (Invitation)

Since we plan for 2004 a major event in Lausanne where in the Bibliothèque Cantonale lies the main Juon material and which is the center in Switzerland for Juon research activities. Therefore the assembly of this year will be a 'minor' one. Which does not mean that you are not cordially invited: We will be hap-py to welcome you! It will take place in Chur on

Saturday, october 26th 2002, 14.00 hrs

Musikschule Chur
Süsswinkelgasse 5
7000 Chur

As for the themes to be discussed we refer to the german version where, be-sides, also the commercial aspect of our society is detailled and which has to be accepted by the general assembly.
To awake a bit your appetite, just this: at the end of the assembly a musical dessert will be served, of course a juonian dish...

...and a personal greeting from the cashier...

Of course we understand that the 'bulletins' of payment (regarding the mem-ber contribution for 2002) can be lost, can not have arrived, can have been forgotten, can have been eaten by cats or other animals, ... but you know what I mean... For those who just now might get a bit of a bad conscience, I quickly join another bulletin in order that you might get rid of it...
Seriously: the amount of membership fees not paid yet for 2002 is more than CHF 1'000.--, therefore I hope you understand this reminder. Thank you in advance for your payment in the next few days.

Our activities

I am holding a kind of a diary in order to reconstruct later what has hap-pened during the year and what were the activities. As the following:

The biggest part are requests or questions regarding musical materials, audio recordings or also about our Juon Catalogue (containing the summary of Juon’s entire work). This correspondence is running more and more via e-mail which is very convenient and time-saving (

Musicians or concert managers would like to perform Juon music or record it and ask for financial or other support from our side. We offer it for example in the form of photographic material for which we have the rights, background informations for concert programs or CD booklets, or we are helding a stall in the concert foyers making publicity for Juon and for our society.

By now we feel also enough strong financially in order to allow ourselves to support one or the other project moneywise: This year for example the concert 'Manifestation Paul Juon' in Blonay (french part of Switzerland), which took place in april of this year and which will be broadcasted this winter by Espace 2 (radio suisse romande) this winter (but the exact date is still open).

In march 2001 we bought an original copy of a Juon letter.

Also in march 2001 we obtained a whole bunch of letters in russian language, a correspondence between Juon and Modest Tchaikovsky, brother of the composer.

Some months ago I brought the whole inheritance regarding Paul Juon, left by Thomas Badrutt, founder of our society, to the Bibliothèque cantonale in Lausanne so that as much research material as possible is together in one place.

Our homepage has been actualized and also the discography will undergo regular follow ups and should be on the newest level.
Such as is, or should be, the concert agenda. Therefore, please: if you see or hear about Juon programs or hear performances, please let us know!

And, one last thing: our society lives from and through our members. There-fore, please: tell your friends and make them join us! Our new english version will help that they will not feel lost...

I am looking forward to seeing you in Chur on october 26th and remain with kindest regards and thanks for your support


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