Information Letters

Bachenbülach, Bülach, 10. Februar 2003

Dear Friends of Paul Juon

What exactly means the term 'International' in our society’s name? – Well, we are and have to be it. Paul Juon was, too. We survive only by develo-ping an international network, with your help. Therefore we furnish our news-letter also in english. And – this is brand-new – our flyer which is carring, on one small page, lots of informations about the IJG, is now avai-lable in an english version as well.

So – if you are aware of a concert, a presentation or other where you think some kind of pu-blicity might be possible, please let us know and we will provide the requested amount of flyers to you.

General assembly in Chur

Our last general assembly was held on oct. 26th 2002 in Chur and was once more organized by Margrit Badrutt in an excellent way, and we thank her for this work. About 15 persons were attending it, and, together with the issues prescribed by the statutes, a useful discussion about organziational impro-vements was held and inputs will be realized in one or the other way. As a final surprise a pupil of Margrit Badrutt, Vera Glatthorn, played beautifully Juon’s 3 Bagatelles op. 19, accompanied by Claus-Christian Schuster who not only accompanied her but was also ready to rehearse with her – certainly a fine occasion and an excellent chamber music lesson for this young musician.

Annual Fee for 2003

As an enclosure you will find the payment form, and I kindly ask you to make the payment possibly by the end of march. Thank you!

Recruitment of new members and new Juon-„fans“

We created a special 'acquisition-letter' which we can and will send to per-sons or institu-tions of which we see that they plan a Juon concert or pub-lished articles etc. etc. and who might be interested to become members. This letter is also at your disposal.
Generally speaking, of course we are always welcoming new members – suppose that every member would acquire 3 new persons – that would mean 250 new members! In order to show a certain effect and efficiency and to support Juon events we depend upon as many members as possible. Nevertheless, already now we are able to grant determined amounts to selected projects, as you can see below.

General assembly Lausanne 2004

The International Juon Socitety seeks to become more and more rooted in the Suisse Romande, the french part of Switzerland. Not only that Juon lived his last years in Vevey, but also the main part of Juon works and documents are collected and preserved in the Bibliothèque Cantonale of Lausanne (BCU).

Therefore we decided to held our next meeting in Lausanne. This project is already quite concrete and we can confirm the planned program as follows:

Date: Saturday, october 2nd 2004, about 11-17 hrs (11 a.m. – 5 p.m.). Please keep this date reserved!

It takes plase at the Conservatoire of Lausanne.

Program (open to public and the press):

-    Around 1100 hrs: Opening concert at the concert hall of the conservatoire – students of the conservatoire play Juon works
-    Lunch
-    Around 1400 hrs: General Assembly of the Juon members (not open to general public)
-    Exposition and presentation of Mr. J.-L. Matthey, responsible for the Juon section of Bibliothèque de Lausanne.
-    Around 1600 hrs: concert at the concert hall of the conservatoire – renowned musicians play chamber works of Paul Juon (possibly broadcasted by radio suisse romande).

It is also planned to present by that date a supplement volume of Thomas Badrutt’s „Paul Juon – life and work“.

Paul Juon in Berlin – a new project

On occasion of a concert where I participated in Berlin I took the opportunity to contact the University of Fine Arts („Universität der Künste“). – Berlin was, as you know, for many years the home of Paul Juon where he teached at the conservatory.

This university will initiate a long-term Juon project. The first appointment will be on june 14th 2003 comprehending a concert of Juon works and an exposé of Prof. Dr. Kannbach. During the winter semester 2003/2004 students will conduct scientific works upon Juon’s work. One of the possible subjects might be „Juon’s work mirrored in contemporary press“.

Supporting concerts and music-historical studies are one of the main aims of our society. We therefore decided to support this important and promising Berlin project. - On occasion of our meeting in Lausanne we hope to be able to present some of the results.

Foto of Paul Juon (inheritance Wittlin)

We received an original photo of Paul Juon which already lies at the Bibliothèque cantonale in Lausanne. We are very grateful for this special donation.

... and as a conclusion

As an amusing final point I do not want to hide a critic’s report from a concert which took place in the Theatre of Louisville on jan. 28th 2002. – As you can see, Paul Juon is played in America as well. Well, well, tastes are different. We apreciate, as inconditional „fans“, also his romantic pieces. Not so much, it seems, does Mr. George R. Hubbard...:

Ceruti Chamber Players

Sometimes it's hard to be a critic - sometimes you just want to sit there and let the music wash over you, and just enjoy it.

Opening the evening was a curiosity - Paul Juon's 'Trio-Miniaturen', movements taken from his opus 18 and opus 24. Baugh-Bennett, Esbensen and clarinetist Emest Gross didn't quite get the measure of this 'Palm Court' music - they played it a little too straight. One would guess that this music dates from the ear1y years of the 20th century; it sounds much like Arensky, who was one of Juon's teachers. 'Reverie' and 'Elegie' were pretty much wallpaper music, but 'Humoreske' was jaunty and good fun and the closing 'Danse Phantastique' made one hear Strauss and Ravel just around the next corner.