The numerous chamber music works, piano compositions and songs of Paul Juon during the past years appeared on the concert programs more and more and numerous CDs let grow their reputation. With pleasure we can observe a real renaissance of this works. But different is the situation of the orchestral works which, nearly without exeption, fell into oblivion. Some reasons who led to this situation are the lack of recordings and the fact that some works never have been printed and that there are no scores and orchestra parts or that some of the existing sheet music is in insufficient conditions.

Christof Escher for several years has been involved with Paul Juon’s orchestral works of which he has conducted a variety of them in concerts or for radio and also created score and parts if needed. He took over the task to revive this compositions from their slumber. An Orchestral Edition, in collaboration with the BCU, is intended not only to make them known and accesible for public and media but also to further their programation with orchestras, conductors, soloists and concert organizers. The Sheet Music Edition includes the editing of previously unprinted orchestral works, scores and orchestral parts as well as the completion and correction of incomplete sheet music materials and their critical revision.

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